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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a triple monitor background span across screens?

How can I add a taskbar to my other screens?

How can I add my Google AdSense ads to my images and profile?

  1. Go to the AdSense website. Log in (create an account first if you don't have one).
  2. Go to the My ads tab.
  3. Click the New ad unit button.
  4. Fill in whatever options you want, making sure the Ad size is 728x90.
  5. Click the Save and get code button.
  6. Go to your Edit profile page on this website by using the User Options menu on the upper right when you are logged in.
  7. Use the image guide on that page to see which fields are required.
  8. Click Apply, now your ads will be displayed on your profile and image pages!

What are the rules regarding content?

  1. If you upload adult content you must mark it as NSFW using the checkbox on the right.
  2. You must only upload content you have created unless you have permission from the owner.
  3. No links, banners, buttons, etc. are allowed in the image titles, descriptions or copyright fields.
    The one exception is that in the copyright field you are allowed to link to the relevant website of the copyright owner.