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User: Paul Flythe


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Can Sphynx Cats Make a Good ESA?




Getting off On the Wrong Foot

Most of us got introduced to Sphynx cats on a false note. In an episode of the insanely popular and widely watched sitcom, Friends, Rachel Greene buys a Sphynx cat for an outrageous price. The show became such a pop culture phenomenon that it inadvertently (I hope) cast the Sphynx cat in an utterly wrong light. While Joey proclaimed that the animal could not be a cat, Rachel would later come to regret her decision to ever buy the animal as she claims the animal to be distant and aggressive.


Rachel is later seen trying to sell her Sphynx cat on the street. As people pass by and no one wants to acquire a cat that does not look like the cuddly, furry breeds they are accustomed to, we get a good laugh purely because of the show’s ability to be apt at getting humor right.


Not as an ode to their portrayal of the poor animal they seem to have made a caricature out of.


The Truth About Sphynx Cats…

For those who have had Sphynx cats as their emotional support animals, these cats are the most affectionate and loyal breed out there. They can get attached to you like anything and follow you around. This is a good place to start thinking about the kind of emotional support animal you would want as your real esa letter is due to arrive any day now! Don’t wait for more because if you choose an authentic and quality service, it will not take longer than two weeks anyway!


Unlike what the name may sound like, Sphynx cats have nothing to do with Egypt. They were created as a result of a genetic mutation and have been reported to exist since the 1960s.


Sphynxes and the Ease of Cleaning

These cats do not have a mane of hair that may be too much for many prospective cat parents. How many times have you heard people complain of hair in their food and all over the place? Cats that shed fur and leave a trail of kitty hair wherever they go can cause the parents to behave in deeply unsettling and obsessive ways that include sweeping the floors or vacuuming the carpets more frequently than should be normal for anyone. 


Sphynx cats are also easier to wash.

Those who need a cat but are allergic to hair can rejoice. Here is a cat who is as cuddly as any other breed but does not have hair at all! You would still want to be careful if you are severely allergic to cats and consult your doctor before you choose to adopt any such pet.


Why Would I Want My ESA to Be a Sphynx…

Sphynx cats are adorable, playful, and affectionate. They can allow you to lose track of time while you have fun with them. These cats are famous for their loyalty. So, this is one emotional support animal that can truly help you through your anxiety, stress, and mood swings. There are too many emotional support animal owners who would prefer a realesaletter dog but many of us wish for a cat instead of a dog, just for that irresistible beauty, grace, and disposition.


A Sphynx cat can become the calming and soothing presence in your life that you need right now. These cats will also surprise you with their intelligence and ability to understand you. You can forge a unique bond between the Sphynx cat and yourself by playing endlessly with these animals and allowing them to cuddle with you as you watch television. You can experience the satisfaction of making the cat happy and satisfied as you stroke them while they sit on your lap.


Where to Get the Cat…?

Don’t go to the local pet stores as you look for this breed. It would be so much better to contact a professional, registered breeder. Once you have the emotional support letter and the cat under your roof, you can be legally eligible and entitled to have the pet reside with you and follow you to public places. All because you accessed a quality emotional support animal service that allowed you to fill out an application and get your application reviewed by a licensed mental health practitioner. A stamp of approval from this professional and no one and nothing stands between you and your emotional support cat.


Don’t Wait…

If you haven’t yet applied but you really want a Sphynx as soon as possible, all you have to do is click away from the comfort of your home and access a positively reviewed and trustworthy website that offers ESA services. Beware of those that require some completely bizarre procedures like registration or a separate emotional support animal letter for housing as you look for a service provider you can entrust with your time and hopes. There should be no lengthy procedures or outrageous fees.


One emotional support animal letter is all you need to become a proud owner of a Sphynx cat that, under the Fair Housing Act, can be a constant companion by your side!


Apply for that letter and set about modifying your living space for the arrival of another inhabitant. Your feline friend would love to have their own corner and be fed healthy food so they can enjoy the best time of their life with you. Make the necessary preparations to help your cat feel at home while indulging in a healthy dose of anticipation. Plan a routine with your emotional support animal while you wait for that letter to find its way to you!

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