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User: Rick Beaver


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10 Festive Foods That Can Be Dangerous for Your ESA




Winter brings with it the glad tidings of the Christmas holidays. While you plan to indulge in all the Christmas delights this season, you would do better to decide to be very careful and think twice before you let your emotional support dog indulge in some food scraps they may find quite appealing.



The Pet Loves Those Yummy Treats…


Your pet may be drawn to some foods and you be taken over by an urge to give them what they want. But holidays can cause several pets to become sick because they overindulge in the table scraps, causing them to fall prey to allergies and the adverse effects of toxins found in some of these holiday treats.


You have been doing so well with your pet and while the holidays may be a good time to feel smug about that ESA letter you have obtained, With the help of realesaletter.com, you can keep your beloved ESA safe and healthy during the festive season and beyond. you must not let it get too far! While you can let yourself feel overjoyed about the fact that you can take your emotional support animal anywhere with you over the holidays, some restraint seems to be necessary for your pet to remain healthy and be able to enjoy the holidays without falling sick.



Know What to Know…


You can always begin by arming yourself with the right information. Knowing the facts related to the nutritional profile of a lot of holiday treats can prevent you from making wrong food-related choices for your emotional support dog, no matter how appealing the food seems to them.


Those Pies…


Your favorite furball could be eyeing that pie. It may make their mouth water but most pies and cakes contain a toxin that can be hazardous for pets. If you are thinking of letting them have a little bit of these sweet treats, you need to be aware that even in small amounts, such delicacies can become dangerous for your dog.


So, that could mean no pies for that goofball! Don’t judge the appropriateness of a food item based on the way your realesaletter dog responds to the sight and smell of it. You need to let the decision be based on a rational knowledge of food and the kind of foods that could be bad for your emotional support animal. Pies are a no-no and this stands true for both sweet and savory.


Savory pies also contain stuffings that usually contain ginger and garlic, both of which are poisonous for pets. Onion toxicity can go as far as to impact the red blood cells and cause anemia. If your pet has consumed far too many table scraps consisting of leftover cake, pies, and stuffings, they can become sick due to toxicity. Toxicity can be detected by pale gums, salivation, vomiting, rapid breathing, and lethargy. If you notice these symptoms, don’t wait before rushing your dog to the vet so it can be treated timely.


The Delicious Gravies…


Gravies may seem harmless enough as they appear to be easily digestible. However, most gravies have starch as a major component used to thicken them. Excessive quantities of gravy can cause your emotional support dog to develop pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is a condition caused by inflammation of the pancreas and if left untreated, it can become fatal for pets. Also, most gravies have onions and garlic added to them. I would be wise to not let your dog consume too much gravy as they accept food from anyone on the table who thinks you own such a “cute” and “good” dog!


Chewy Bones…


During the holidays, it is quite common for families to allow their dogs to chew on the bones left over from stews or roasts. Chewing on the bones may feel enjoyable to your emotional support animal but the truth is that a lot of animals have to be taken to the vet with complaints of small bones lodged in their throats or teeth. Bones tend to become fragmented as the pet chews them and this holds for any raw as well as cooked bones.


It does seem like such a natural thing to do but don’t throw a bone for the dog to get it and set its teeth on it! There can be nothing worse than a bone that has been stuck in a pet’s throat. It may affect their ability to swallow or even breathe, causing discomfort and distress. In case of any bone-related emergency, rush to the vet so the bone can be promptly removed. Aside from obstructions, bones can also cause perforations. If you want your canine to have something to chew on while everyone enjoys their festive food, you can always discuss it with your vet.


The Curse of Chocolate…


Chocolate is such an important part of the festive season. It may feel right to let your dog join in on the celebration by tasting some sweet, bitter-sweet, nutty, milky chocolate. Again, you need to stop yourself from letting the dog have too much chocolate. Chocolate contains an ingredient known as “theobromine,” which can be toxic for pets. Even white chocolate contains this ingredient and even higher levels are found in dark chocolate, cocoa, and cooked chocolate.


Unfortunately, chocolate toxicity can be common among pets who have had just a bit too much of the sweet treat. Look out for symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, excessive urination, and hyperactivity. The pet may also develop an irregular heartbeat, seizures, coma, or depression if the intake of chocolate is not duly limited.


You need to discourage your friends and family from giving any treats to the pet without asking for your permission. Just as any service talking of an emotional support animal letter for housing needs to be avoided like the plague, you need to prevent your dear dog from overfeeding on the delicious treats that are a Christmas special.

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